Project Surfliner: Building the Tracks before the Train (CNI Spring 2020)

Project Surfliner: Building the Tracks before the Train (presentation at CNI Spring 2020 Virtual Membership Meeting)

Tim Marconi
Director, Technology and Digital Experience
University of California, San Diego

Chrissy Rissmeyer
Director, Digital Library Development
University of California, Santa Barbara

In November 2018, the University of California (UC) San Diego and UC Santa Barbara kicked off Project Surfliner, a project to collaboratively define, create, and maintain digital library products using Samvera core components available in the open source community. Project Surfliner is more than shared code or even shared objectives. It is building and leveraging the strengths, experiences, and resources of each campus partner to focus on common concepts and products. If you’re looking to hire remotely, improve teams that telecommute, or work with another institution on a project, join us to learn how we developed a remote-first culture with teams that were split between campuses and includes a novel way to run retrospectives. We will share our early successes and failures as well as what we hope to accomplish in the future. This talk will cover the DevOps focus on replicable infrastructure and portability
, reusable codebases and the importance of inclusive feature decisions
, and radical transparency and the importance of stakeholder awareness.