Comet: Sprint 11 (February 2, 2022 – February 15, 2022)

Note: This session was not recorded

What was the goal of Sprint 11?

Comet API and MQ

What is the milestone that this sprint is supporting?

Implementing Comet’s metadata API and integrating with a message broker (RabbitMQ).

Accomplishments of Sprint 11:

  • Schema loader support that is not dependent on Hyrax
  • Changed RabbitMQ topic name to something not bound to Comet
  • Comet now remembers which things have been published
  • Tidewater:
    • Added language-tagged value support
    • Can consume JSON-LD from Comet metadata API
    • Added a database field for a PID
  • Superskunk
    • Added support for metadata profiles
    • Configured to read Comet data

Did we do everything we set out to accomplish?

For this given sprint, yes, although work will carry over into the next sprint.

What’s next?

Continuation of Comet API and MQ work.

GitLab link: