Comet: Sprint 12 (February 16, 2022 – February 28, 2022)

What was the goal of Sprint 12?

Continuation of work for Comet API and MQ

What is the milestone that this sprint is supporting?

Deployment of Tidewater in staging and production environments and showing that data can be consumed with a consumer script

Accomplishments of Sprint 12:


  • Can generate technical metadata for ingested files
  • Publishing an Object provides a link on the show page


  • Initial Helm chart created and deployed for review applications
  • surfliner_schema gem created to share between Comet and Superskunk which allows for the loading of existing hyrax-based metadata model for both applications
  • RabbitMQ operators deployed via CI/CD configuration to all of Kubernetes clusters
  • We have an initial implementation in place for using the operator to install RabbitMQ clusters into our review, staging, and production environments


  • Helm chart created
  • We have a functional consumer that can read RabbitMQ messages
  • We now have support for oai-pmh ‘sets’
    • We can persist sets from API data

Did we do everything we set out to accomplish?

Not everything. We intend to use the m3 metadata model, as it already has a means for referencing different metadata profiles, which for us could be oai_dc, a profile for Shoreline geospatial metadata, etc. This will require SME feedback and guidance. We hope that will happen in this next Sprint and throughout the off-cycle.

We are also working on the oai-pmh side for populating set data when requested via the oai endpoint. This work is currently underway and we expect it to be completed in the next Sprint.

What’s next?

Get info. back from SMEs about what their needs are which may require taking needs directly to the Samvera community. Prioritize and leave things in a good place for the end of this workcycle.

GitLab link: