Comet: Sprint 16 (July 20, 2022 –August 2, 2022)

Comet Sprint 16 Review

What was the goal of Sprint 16?

  • Editing and adding descriptive and other user defined metadata for existing objects
  • Running workflow and event triggered work (characterization, access derivatives)
  • Assigning permanent identifiers (primarily interested in the short term in ARKs as canonical IDs)
  • Publishing that content to a public access platform (OAI, IIIF, Shoreline, current local systems).

What is the milestone that this sprint is supporting?
To support the full deposit lifecycle for an object

Accomplishments of Sprint 16:

  • Now generating metadata from the configuration; cardinality of the fields is configurable
  • Objects are assigned ARKs as a workflow step (approval); minted directly from EZID API. The ARK assignment is configurable based on the project
  • Batch upload validation: if a CSV has references to files that aren’t in the collection of files in the staging area, an error message appears so that the user can go back for remediation before the system creates objects from that batch
  • Collection nesting: subcollections now appear as members of a collection in the collections page; can add or remove

What’s next?
Showing the publishing process in three different ways:

  1. When a user deposits an object as a part of a collection, the user can push the entire collection to the OAI endpoint and make the set harvestable from OAI
  2. Having a IIIF Image Server (Cantaloupe) wired in to staging and production environments for each campus
  3. Workflow-driven “publish” to the Shoreline geodata platform

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