Comet Sprint 17 (August 3 - August 16, 2022)

Comet Sprint 17

What was the goal of Sprint 17?

  • Pushing collections to the OAI endpoint (tidewater) and making the set harvestable from OAI

  • IIIF Image Server (Cantaloupe) wired into staging and production environments for each campus

  • Workflow-driven “publish” from Comet to the Shoreline geodata platform

What is the milestone that this sprint is supporting?
To support the full deposit lifecycle for an Object

Accomplishments of Sprint 17:

  • Background jobs
    • When creating an Object, the UI now displays that jobs are running in the background
    • File characterization inspects what the file(s) is, and not what the metadata says it is, and lets Comet know how to display the Object
  • IIIF
    • In the UI, now get an image viewer powered by the Cantaloupe IIIF image server
      • displays the content and its structure
      • if the Object is public, checks that the content is available in the file store and makes sure that the user has authorization to view it (authorization will eventually be passed through from the discovery endpoint)
        The viewer can be used for Starlight or other discovery platforms
  • External system integration (real time updates)
    • “Publishing” a collection now shows discovery links in the UI
      • can see a representation of object in the OAI endpoint
        Can also “unpublish” (shown via the OAI endpoint)
      • collection oriented because of the collection Set orientation that OAI requires
    • Comet and Tidewater read the same metadata configuration file; now tightly integrated end-to-end so that when you update one the other follows
  • Collections
    • Can delete collections, but the Object(s) that was in the collection stays (the Object is longer in that collection). Deleting collections or top level components doesn’t delete lower level Objects

Did we do everything we set out to accomplish?

  • No. For geodata:

    • Hoped to have OAI integration with the GeoData service
    • Will eventually generate WGS84 (World Geodetic System) projections, but we have a process in mind for manually depositing projection derivatives
    • Working on the process for uploading geodata using batch upload
  • Did do for geodata:

    • Met to create the GeoData Workflow Diagram to implement as another workflow targeted for a geodata project
    • Metadata profile for geodata process got worked on during this sprint; will get merged soon

What’s next?

  • Off-cycle sprints for Dev/Ops

  • Fall Surfliner Sprints (3 total) will run from November 1- December 20, 2022

    • Stayed tuned for more details about what we'll be working on

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