Comet Sprint 18 (November 3 - November 15, 2022)

Comet Sprint 18

What was the goal of Sprint 18?

The goal for this Sprint (for the overall work cycle) is to shore up batch work for ingest and extend it to get batch round trip working so that you can do an export of batch metadata in some format, make changes in that exported format file, and then re-import it to do updates.

The team is doing work that is critical for the overall success of large-scale ingest around managing files and relationships between objects. This includes getting "File Edit" ironed out and making it so that you can control a crucial piece of metadata about files which is the file Use/Type (i.e. marking the difference between a production master, an archival master, etc.).

The team is also working on Shoreline for this work cycle. Some of the file management components are prerequisites to Shoreline ingest because the complexity of the objects that need to be ingested as geodata (shapefiles and rasters, etc.) requires a complex structure that must be manageable. Also in support of Shoreline, there has been some work on the Surfliner schema for metadata configuration and some background work on Shoreline itself just to keep up with dependencies that have been updated.

Accomplishments of Sprint 18:

  • Can add a File to an existing Object
  • Initial m3 metadata configuration file created and added to UCSD’s instance
  • Shoreline upgraded to Geoblacklight 3.7.0
  • Added sample data to the Docker Compose environment to replicate what is done for Kubernetes review deployments
  • Networking: added support for Geoserver running over SSL/HTTPS

Did we do everything we set out to accomplish?

The goal for this Sprint is the overarching goal for the Fall work cycle. Because of the upcoming holidays, this work cycle will consist of three Sprints instead of our typical four. We will be better poised to assess our accomplishments once the work cycle ends (Dec. 20).

What’s next?

A continuation of the work started in Sprint 18, required conversations between the SMEs and the team for preliminary technical work, and possibly some wireframing.

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