Comet: Sprint 2 (April 14 - April 27, 2021)

What was the goal of Sprint 2?

  1. Get staging and production deployments up for Comet.
    • To be able to do this at both campuses.
  2. Configure the object storage backend.
    • Actual deposited files should go into an S3 compatible object store.
  3. Configure user authentication using Google Authentication services.
  4. Make progress on ARK identifier minting.

What is the milestone that this sprint is supporting?

A user can log in to Comet using Google Authentication, create an object and have it saved to S3 storage.

Accomplishments of Sprint 2:

  • Staging & Production deployments at UCSB.
  • Made the decision to use Cantaloupe as our IIIF image server.
  • IIIF manifest is published for an object.
  • Configured file deposit into S3/MinIO.
  • Switched the authentication system to OmniAuth to support Authentication with Google.
  • Comet deployments now reference the Github registry for Hyrax chart.
  • CI pipelines run when changes to relevant charts/snippets are made.
  • Background workers pick up jobs to read from the queue.
  • RSpec tests run in the development environment.
  • Hyrax Helm chart[1] is published for dev/CI reuse.
  • Removed the “Share Work” button from the Comet homepage.

Did we do everything we set out to accomplish?

No, specifically when it comes to ARK minting. We are still having conversations about when it would be appropriate to mint an ARK during an object’s life cycle. This will be dependent on individual workflow settings. We will continue to do ARK work into Sprint 3.

We also still need to configure Google Authentication. This is stuck on different issues at each campus.

What’s next?

  • Customizable metadata

GitLab link:

  1. The Helm chart provides configurable deployments for Hyrax applications to Kubernetes clusters. It seeks to be a complete but flexible production-ready setup for Hyrax applications []. ↩︎