Comet Sprint 22 (April 5, 2023 – April 18, 2023)

Comet Sprint 22

What was the goal of Sprint 22?
In our last posting, we shared that we wanted to focus our efforts on the Ruby and Rails upgrades for all Surfliner products. The upgrades were completed for Lark, Shoreline, and Starlight, but Comet’s upgrade is still in progress.

While there is still some M3 (configurable metadata) improvement work happening, the team is making progress on the full implementation of the Bulkrax engine.

What is the milestone that this sprint is supporting?
Geospatial integration and getting the importers and exporters working for Bulkrax.

Accomplishments of Sprint 22:

  • Propagating “Visibility” to files in addition to FileSets now working
  • Removed “Visibility” field from Bulkrax importer
  • Added the “Publication status” to Collections and Objects pages in the UI
  • Using the “Relationships tab”, can now remove Objects from Collections
  • First round of internationalization work (consistent labeling/re-labeling) for UI improvement completed

What’s next? [if applicable]

  • Comet:
    • Ruby/Rails upgrade for Comet
    • Adding pipe delimiter and split columns support for csv imports for Bulkrax
    • Adding support to Bulkrax for ingest without the use of source_identifier
    • Batch ingesting metadata and their files
    • Batch exporting metadata and their files
    • Batch updating Object metadata using csv
  • Lark:
    • Specify a field to be constrained to Lark
    • Deploying Lark to production

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