Comet Sprint 23 (April 19, 2023 – May 2, 2023)

Comet Sprint 23

What was the goal of Sprint 23?
To continue and complete the critical dependency update work for Comet (Hyrax Ruby 3.2) and to obtain alignment on the baseline stock “Visibility” model for Comet. There is more work to be done to get the Bulkrax Exporter to work, and there was behind-the-scenes work to shore up the deployment of Lark.
What is the milestone that this sprint is supporting?
Lark and Shoreline integration with Comet and getting the importers and exporters working for batch ingest and export.

Accomplishments of Sprint 23:

  • The Object show page now displays a count of Components and/or fileSets
  • Implemented metadata only visibility behavior
  • Implemented comet group and visibility behavior
  • Added support to Bulkrax for ingest without a source identifier
  • Added support for split column use as well as the pipe delimiter for multi-value fields in csv files
  • Label changes (UI tweaks) to make the interface and communication clear
  • Workflow Workshop planning work started

What’s next?

  • Comet:
    • Comet end goal to shore Shoreline integration end-to-end (bulk import)
    • Exporter for Bulkrax
  • Lark:
    • May be able to show Lark query in the new Object and edit Object forms
    • Lark validation for the batch import process

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