Comet Sprint 24 (May 3, 2023 – May 16, 2023)

Comet Sprint 24

What was the goal of Sprint 24?

  • To complete the work that we had scoped for the new permission structure (Visibility model) for Objects. There are now different levels to choose from, and these permissions are global (i.e they also impact other systems that this object will appear in) although they are managed in Comet
  • Making large-scale imports viable
  • Lark and Shoreline integration with Comet
    • Completing the Lark metadata model and adding controlled values to the Comet forms
    • Still need to get the geospatial metadata profile ingested properly and to get the actual files pushed through as well.

What is the milestone that this sprint is supporting?
Completing the upgrades for dependencies for all Surfliner products, finalizing the “Visibility” model, M3 configurable metadata improvements, and Lark and Shoreline integration with Comet.

Accomplishments of Sprint 24:

  • Comet:
    • Upgrade to Ruby 3.x complete
    • Fixed some minor styling issues in the UI introduced by the Ruby upgrade
    • Certain fields in the M3 configuration are now constrained so that their values must come from a Concept Scheme hosted in Lark
  • Visibility model:
    • Files are now set to Comet (Comet users only) when selecting Metadata-Only visibility
    • Fixed issue with changing Metadata-Only visibility to Public visibility not taking
    • Added Campus group and visibility behavior
    • Added support for concurrent ingest processing
  • Superskunk:
    • Added support to populate Aardvark schema version for Shoreline

Did we do everything we set out to accomplish?
No. We still need to get Bulkrax export to work once a persistent volume chain is set up (local disk storage). We also have some work to do with Lark integration. For example, adding drop-downs for value lists and type-ahead behavior for longer lists in the forms. Similarly, while we can ingest geospatial metadata, there is still work to be done to ingest files using bulk import.

For all three things, we are close.

What’s next?
To be decided by the Surfliner team before we commence the Summer Workcycle.

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