Comet Sprint 25 (September 6, 2023 – September 19, 2023)

What was the goal of Sprint 25?
To make the batch import process as rock solid as possible. Both campuses are very interested in ingesting data into Comet. UCSB is interested in ingesting their ADRL data, and UCSD is interested in supporting geospatial ingest. In general, we are interested in streamlining the process of actually creating an import and pushing it through Comet.

What is the milestone that this sprint is supporting?
Ingesting geospatial data and ADRL data in bulk.

Accomplishments of Sprint 25:

  • Bulkrax Importer
    • Sorting by Last Run and other options now working
    • Importer Index Page default sort now set by date Last Run
    • CSV parser option now loads automatically
    • Removed the Rights Statement subsection
    • Dropped Frequency from view partial
    • Added FileUse properties support
    • Fixed ActiveFedora method issue with Importer Update and Replace Files option
    • Added support for custom Visibility levels in Importer
    • Validation of batch imports: If validation fails, users gets meaningful feedback so that they can correct and re-try
  • Fixed issue with Search performing a whole string search and not a partial search
  • Can now search for metadata fields configured in M3, across all model types, and get results

Did we do everything we set out to accomplish?
Almost. We want to enlist the help of UCSD’s Comet local implementation group, in this next Sprint, to test out batch ingest and provide feedback so that we can create tickets to improve the process.

GitLab link: