Comet Sprint 26 (September 20, 2023–October 3, 2023)

Comet Sprint 26

What was the goal of Sprint 26?
To continue work on making the bulk ingest process as rock solid as possible.

What is the milestone that this sprint is supporting?
Ingesting geospatial data and UCSB's ADRL data in bulk.

Accomplishments of Sprint 26
The big thing that happened during this sprint is that we upgraded the base Hyrax engine that Comet is based on to take advantage of all the work that happened between the SoftServ, Princeton, and Surfliner teams during the community sprints.

We also continued to focus on solidifying the bulk ingest process through CSV behavior, refining end-to-end Shoreline publishing, and we started to iron out details on how we'll manage FileSets and File Use relationships in realistic ingest settings and have it reflected in the UI.

  • Source Identifier label now applied consistently in Bulkrax Importer pages.
  • Comet Users can now create/import a Collection in the same CSV as is used for the Objects.
  • Comet users can now view All Collections and All Objects regardless of who created them.
  • Clickable options/actions are once again available on Bulkrax Importer page.
  • Comet validates a CSV import against the M3 specified controlled value schemes. If the value(s) is not on the list, the importer fails the validation step.
  • Shoreline specific:
    • Fixed issue with hyperlinks not displaying properly in Shoreline when Objects are ingested via Bulkrax.
    • Shoreline now manages “Unpublish” messages from Comet.

Did we do everything we set out to accomplish?
The team is making great progress and has been extremely productive, so yes!

What’s next?
More ingest work, but particularly working out the complex file relationship behavior, i.e. making sure that Object previews show up for the right kinds of File Uses.

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