Comet Sprint 27 (October 4, 2023–October 17, 2023)

Comet Sprint 27

What was the goal of Sprint 27?
A continuation of making the bulk ingest process as rock solid as possible, especially through stakeholder feedback

What is the milestone that this sprint is supporting?
Ingesting geospatial data and ADRL data in bulk.

Accomplishments of Sprint 27:

  • Users can now add and create new Collections with bulk ingest using the same .csv for both Objects and Collections
  • We’ve worked on the Importers handling FileSets. We have been very focused on making the FileSet behavior easier to work with
    • Users can now create multiple files with different File Uses by putting them as column headers directly into the .csv
    • In the FileSet view page, users can now see all the various files attached to them with their different File Uses
    • In the FileSet view page, users can now download the two files independently
    • Also added to this view, if you have an Object with multiple FileSets, those FileSets have a natural order inside that Object–we added navigation buttons so that users can page through them.
  • Another thing the team has been working on is validation for .csv bulk ingest
    • In the event that the .csv contains multiple errors, we should see them all listed in Importer's Error section
    • The hope is that reporting errors in this way (instead of one at a time) makes it possible for users to prep a .csv, put it in for validation, and get enough information back so that they can tweak/fix the .csv in one fell swoop
  • We also added controlled vocabulary management in the single Object create form
    • If we have a field in our configurable metadata setup (M3) that says that it should have a control value space and that control value space is given in a list form rather than a reference to an upstream or an external vocabulary then you can page through those vocabulary terms in the form
    • Eventually this kind of vocabulary validation will work with Lark upstream
  • Embargo/Embargo Management
    • Users can create an Object with an embargo and set the embargo date. This work was finished upstream some time ago and got merged back in the last sprint
    • We now have a Dashboard view for these embargoes where users can do basic management tasks with them
    • Note that leases are not working at this time because there’s little more upstream work that has to happen to support the same thing for leases.

What’s next?
More of the same and maybe we’ll start on Bulkrax Export

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