Comet Sprint 28 (October 18, 2023–November 7, 2023)

Comet Sprint 28

What was the goal of Sprint 28?
Continuing the workcycle’s theme of making the bulk ingest process as substantial as possible, especially through stakeholder feedback

What is the milestone that this sprint is supporting?
Ingest of geospatial data and ADRL data in bulk

Accomplishments of Sprint 28:

  • Ensured that the ordering of indexing values in the M3 schema does not matter
  • Documented the description of M3 indexing values and their relationship to Blacklight indexing behavior
  • Users can now republish an unpublished object to Shoreline (can apply to future discovery platforms)
  • UI updates:
    • On the FileSet view page, removed the Download image option displayed below the generic thumbnail (redundant)
    • On the Object view page, the FileSet Action drop-down now provides a download option for each file in the FileSet
    • Fixed the issue with the tabs for Object Entries, Collection Entries, FileSet Entries not highlighting when moving from one to the other
    • In the Workflow Tasks index view, changed the display labels:
      • “Work” in table headers changed to “Object”
      • “Status” in the table header changed to “Workflow State”
      • “Depositor” column removed from the table
    • Re-worked the Workflow Tasks index view to display all “Workflow States: and added filter capability
    • Assuming all the selected objects are eligible to move to a "Workflow State", users can now move them all together to a new “Workflow State” using the same comment
  • Batch Export: from the Dashboard, users have the option to batch export metadata (and files) from a specific Collection, an existing Importer, by Object Type, or all

Did we do everything we set out to accomplish?
While the work done for the bulk ingest process (using the Bulkrax engine) was compelling, we still have more work to do to refine it for both batch import and export

What’s next?
To be determined in the new year based on outcomes of the team’s prioritization exercise

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