Comet Sprint 29 / Daylight Sprint 1 Review (February 14–February 27, 2024)

Comet Sprint 29 / Daylight Sprint 1

What was the goal of Comet Sprint 29 / Daylight Sprint 1

Comet: The primary aim was to facilitate bulk export functionality to solicit stakeholder input prior to refining round-tripping procedures.

Daylight: The focus was on engaging in technical dialogues and exploratory activities within the team concerning micro frontends for discovery.

What is the milestone that this sprint is supporting?

  • Comet: Batch roundtripping
  • Daylight: Initiating technical exploration

Accomplishments of Comet Sprint 29 / Daylight Sprint 1:

Comet: Our focus continued to be on batch behaviors. Users can now use .csv files to create new collections (with visibilities) along with objects. We can also easily move objects through a workflow in bulk, and we can now filter workflow tasks by Importers and/or Workflow States.

There was off cycle work on making the infrastructure that makes validation of Importers much easier to work with; we have the ability to put out multiple errors from a validation of a single file.

We also did some initial work on Exporters, but we need to look into configuration differences to resolve some opaque errors we’re seeing.

Daylight: We’ve built a test application, which we are now trying to get deployed, that is serving out a baseline for talking about how these things work together and for testing how we’ll build them. We’re also working on deploying independent micro frontends that provide some of the basic services.


  • Comet: Users can filter Workflow Tasks by Importer to review and approve multiple Objects
  • Comet: Users can see all available workflow actions on Objects in Workflow Tasks view and take action(s)
  • Comet: Fixed bug with Bulkrax when populating Visibility values in a .csv for import
  • Daylight: Discussed initial technical requirements document
  • Daylight: Made a Blacklight app to start the Daylight project

What’s next?

Comet: Finalizing loose ends concerning the Project filter and prioritizing bulk roundtripping. Additionally, exploring and discussing methods for presenting Projects within the user interface to enhance user comprehension of their significance and to manage Workflow Role behaviors effectively.

Daylight: Integrating micro frontends into an operational application and integrating data published from Comet to achieve end-to-end integration. Subsequently, refining feature sets and seeking feedback on them.

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