Comet: Sprint 3 (April 28 - May 11, 2021)

What was the goal of Sprint 3?

Customizable metadata...

  • that meets our current needs.
  • that allows for separate per campus metadata configurations.
  • that drives how object metadata gets stored and indexed.

What is the milestone that this sprint is supporting?

We have a barebones UCSB metadata config file that is using the Hyrax community M3 Metadata Model specification that has been translated into a more basic config that Hyrax uses out of the box. We successfully brought it into the object layer, but we are not seeing all of the metadata fields that we hoped would be picked up automatically at this time.

However, we have a good strategy for doing the cross-campus approach, and as soon as we get a config that represents UCSD’s basic metadata, we should be able to set up the application to key off of these configs in cross-campus deployments.

Accomplishments of Sprint 3:

  • Got some configurable metadata work done, although it’s not resulting in changes to the form.
  • EZID backend is in place. Once we decide when and where we are going to trigger ARK minting we will have well-tested code to get the job done.
  • Initial discussions and conceptual work started around object lifecycle workflow: what roles are involved in moving the object through the lifecycle and what are possible states and actions based on what the specific workflow might be.
  • Figured out Docs organization and maintenance.
  • Participated in a virtual Hyrax Dev Congress which resulted in fixes that impacted us, specifically the Comet “File Details” page is now functioning.

Did we do everything we set out to accomplish?

No, but we still made good progress considering the impact that UCSD SILS work had on this development workcycle. SME (subject matter expert) work on workflows and metadata model will continue, as will configuring Google Auth in the production environments.

What’s next?

We will pause development work for the next scheduled Sprint (#4) to allow for UCSD SILS work. During this hiatus, we will:

  • get more dev work ready.
  • gather Hyrax documentation for devs.
  • get off-cycle local work done.
  • continue working on Comet tickets that are near completion.

The Team will regroup on May 25 to make a decision on starting a new sprint on May 26 or wait a few more weeks pending UCSD’s SILS progress.

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