Comet: Sprint 5 (July 14 - July 27, 2021)

What was the goal of Sprint 5?
Workflows, support for collections, EZID minting configuration for UCSD, file download.

What is the milestone that this sprint is supporting?
Getting workflows into the code base so that we can iterate on it, and as a first step, moving individual objects through a workflow.

Accomplishments of Sprint 5:

  • Workflows:
    • Within Projects, a user can deposit objects into it and the specific Projects configuration governs what process an object should go through.
    • Workflow roles assignment defined and working. Can decide which users have various access roles/which users can do which steps.
  • EZID:
    • UCSD now has the Comet server minting ARKs and DOIs on both production and non-production shoulders (/cp and /cs).
  • IIIF:
    • Cantaloupe Image Server up and running and fully functional.
    • Still need to iron out details on how we will get data in and out of it.
    • The serving out of real images was not in scope for this sprint, but we do have Comet serving out manifests, we have the image infrastructure in place, so it’s just a matter of getting the content in the right place and the integrations figured out.

Did we do everything we set out to accomplish?
No. We are once again carrying over file download and support for collections from the last sprint. We also still need to be able to move an object through the workflow with notes and notifications working.

What’s next?

  • Finalizing the “individual object” workflow.
  • Moving objects through this workflow but in large batches.
  • Get Collections behavior working

GitLab link: