DevOps: Sprint 1 (June 17-30, 2020)

Note: We did not record a formal sprint review because the nature of the work accomplished is not something that translates well to a demo.

What was the goal of Sprint 1?
There wasn’t really a specific goal for this sprint outside of working through the outstanding DevOps issues in the backlog.

What is the milestone that this sprint is supporting?
The overarching goal of this milestone was to tackle outstanding DevOps issues in the backlog to ensure that our in production applications (Shoreline and Starlight) are stable and can be deployed via CI/CD.

Accomplishments of Sprint 1:

  • Starlight reviews apps working in CI system
  • Shoreline deployments to staging and production for UCSD
  • Shoreline email solution in place and tested for UCSD. In progress for UCSB
  • Solr/Zookeeper setup and configuration normalized across Surfliner products
  • CI/CD pipeline optimization for review apps such as disabling persistence, less replicas for Solr/ZK

Did we do everything we set out to accomplish?
Largely, yes. We made a huge amount of progress on the DevOps backlog.

What’s next?
We are going to continue to work through outstanding issues in the DevOps backlog. On the Starlight side, we will plan to begin looking at how to migrate data into Helm deployments.

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