Lark: Sprint 5 (April 8-19, 2019)

Lark Sprint 5 Review Recording: April 19, 2019

What is the goal of sprint 5?
The sprint’s focus was on integrating the Postgresql persistence layer and Helm/Kubernetes deployment.

What is the milestone that this sprint is supporting?
The Milestone 1 is to have an initial stand-alone platform where we can create, edit, and retrieve authority records.

Accomplishments of Sprint 5:
Postgresql Integration:

  • Integrated the Lark Event Log with Postgresql as a backend adapter. This included adopting the Valkyrie `valkyrie-sequel` adapter for postgresql integration, and establishing processes for database schema setup and future migrations.


  • Established processes (“charts”) for Helm deployments for Solr and Postgresql.
  • Selected a production-ready Ruby web-server (puma) and established an initial configuration


  • Proposed a reworking of the YAML data model specifications to support “Expanded Labels” with SKOS-XL, and to align with the “Houndstooth” work going on in the Samvera community.

Exploratory Frontend Work:

  • Did an initial research spike on a Lark frontend. We’re moving forward with a simple javascript frontend

Valkyrie 2.0.0:

  • We made some contributions to a core project dependency Valkyrie, this sprint, mainly to facilitate a 2.0.0 release, which would improve forward stability for the product.

Did we do everything we set out to accomplish?
Not quite. Both Solr and Postgresql deployments have “last mile” work that remains to be finished, especially around configuration. There’s some possibility of finishing these today.

We had also hoped to complete the CI/CD pipeline, by achieving automated deployments. This work is ongoing.

Our goals for the next sprint are to finish CI/CD work, complete batch ingests, and roll out a front-end.

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