Lark: Sprint 3 (March 11-22, 2019)

Lark Sprint Review Recording: March 22, 2019

What is the goal of sprint 3?
The sprint’s focus was on three areas:

  • Deployment
  • Documentation
  • Support expanded labels

What is the milestone that this sprint is supporting?
Milestone 1 is to have an initial stand-alone platform where we can create, edit, and retrieve authority records.

Accomplishments of Sprint 3:
Deployment -

  • Sketched deployment plans for UCSB and UCSD deployment environments for staging:
  • Initial work on Helm charts (ongoing)

Documentation -

  • API Documentation - Basic documentation for simple GET and POST cases, known error cases, and their status codes are documented (at least: 404), link to formats section and a link to Data Model section.
  • Data Model Documentation Landing area - Create a static site with Jekyll with basic documentation about the data model, linked from the Data Model section of the lark and the site has a with basic instructions.


  • Search: Implemented known-item search, handling matches on prefLabel & altLabel
  • Documented (see above) and normalized JSON formats and HTTP actions GET (fetch), POST (create), PUT (update)

Batch -

  • Prepared initial UCSD test data for batch

What were our blockers?

The slog that is getting the open-source license.

Gitlab went down. A couple of times.

Gitlab runners - On a Rancher to use our own cluster.

Gitlab - trying to work around the licensing issues with expired Gitlab. CI Pipeline starting being slow. Global outage. This week system tests starting failing. Super long time to run (runners don't have as many resources). Why is this happening? Part of the problem is not know if this is due to the licensing or something larger is wrong.

Pushing a commit is taking ten minute to begin the process and now it's a half hour queue. No warnings.

Did we do everything we set out to accomplish?
Our goal of (the next sprint)....

  • Expanded labels
  • Discuss data model versioning
  • SOLR adapter ID warnings
  • Discussions: Data model versioning, Prelim reqs for ID service and minting

GitLab link: