Radically Transparent Communication

Radically Transparent Communication

We don't want folks to feel left out, so we have adopted a strategy of radically transparent communication. It starts with this blog which will provide updates from meetings, sprint-reports, new releases, and general thoughts from the team.

Feel free to follow the blog and get an email update when a new post is created or follow along with us on the UC Tech Slack Workspace (https://uctech.slack.com) in the #surfliner channel. UC Tech is open to all University of California staff. Updates from this blog will also be posted to the channel.

group of transparent jellyfish
Photo by Dimitri Iakymuk / Unsplash

The team is also maintaining a shared GitLab repository and that is available here: https://gitlab.com/surfliner.

We are also hoping to present about the project as well as our progress at UCDLFx, Samvera Virtual Connect, and the UC Tech conference in July.