Prioritization Exercise for 2024 (Results)

The Surfliner Project team convened for a second year on February 6, 2024, for the Surfliner 2024 Prioritization Exercise, employing the “20/20 Vision” prioritization exercise. This session focused on refining the project’s high-level epics and aligning them with strategic objectives.

Prior to the exercise, the Tech Leads and Product Owners collaborated to compile their top priorities for the upcoming year, accompanied by their perceived benefits for each priority. These priorities were consolidated into a shared list which were then captured as individual cards on a Miro board. Dependency played a significant role in prioritization decisions, as certain aspects of product development relied on the completion of others. This approach ensures efficient resource allocation and strategic sequencing of tasks for optimal project execution.

During the session, our key methodology involved drawing a line halfway down the list to distinguish higher priorities from lower ones. While all priorities were acknowledged, those above the halfway line were identified for the immediate focus for 2024, although it doesn’t mean that lower priorities won’t get done this year.

This is the order of the priorities as determined at the end of the prioritization exercise. They are listed from higher to lower.


Higher Priority

  • Surfliner
    • Professional development (learning sprints)
    • Maintenance sprints (Ruby and Rails upgrades, following community sprints on upstream products), and how the process works
    • Evaluate alternative queue solutions
  • Comet
    • Conversations around what is needed to have a minimal viable metadata implementation
    • Roundtripping of objects
    • Refine Project/Workflows/Roles
    • Bulk workflow management
    • Controlled vocabulary support on Comet Objects
    • Improve Comet object lifecycle and auditability (minimum scope, not end user features)
    • Fully featured complex object handling
  • Daylight
    • Deliver minimal Daylight with Comet/Superskunk/RabbitMQ integration
  • Lark
    • Integration of Lark into Comet (including query, storing ID and label pairs, resolving labels from IDs, and bulk ingest term validation)

Intermediate Priority

  • Surfliner
    • Production hardening shared practices

Lower Priority

  • Surfliner
    • Defining a process for when we engage community sprints
    • Engagement in GeoBlacklight community sprints around OpenIndexMaps support
  • Shoreline
    • OpenIndexMaps support in Comet and Shoreline
    • Content creation and production ingest into Comet/Shoreline
    • GeoData MVMP interface enhancements (branding, help, about, collection canned searches)
    • Collection level metadata from Comet to Shoreline
  • Lark
    • Batch creation/test migration/management of new terms
  • Starlight
    • Integration of Starlight and Comet
    • Improved user management (permissions removal)
  • Orange Empire
    • IIIF image processor upgrade/integration (Kakadu)