Shoreline Sprints 27, 28, 29, 30

What was the goal? 

Sprints 27, 28, 29, and 30 were a part of the Fall 2023 Workcycle. The following goals were set:

  • Support ingest and display of georeferenced GeoTIFFs.
  • Resolve bugs around URLS on Shoreline and unpublishing/republishing content. 
  • Support Comet in making bulk ingest of content rock solid.

What is the milestone that this work cycle is supporting? 

Ingesting and displaying of georeferenced GeoTIFFs, resolving bugs and supporting Comet needs on making bulk ingest solid. 

Accomplishments of Sprint 26: 

During the sprint we accomplished the following:

  • Can ingest georeferenced GeoTiffs into Comet and have them displayed in Shoreline.
  • Resolved the following bugs
    • URLs now display as a single value rather than multiple values in Shoreline
    • Unpublish and republish from Comet is now supported. Content is removed from Shoreline when it’s unpublished from Comet and republishes correctly when 
    • Resolved download links for WGS84 derivative, KMZ, and GeoJSON in shoreline by renaming zip files upon publishing from Comet to Shoreline. The Zip file is renamed to the Ark. 
  • Supported the bulk ingest improvements for Comet (see Comet Sprints 25-28).

Did we do everything we set out to accomplish? 

Yes! Getting georeference GeoTIFF support in Shoreline was a big accomplishment for us. 

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Sprint 29:

Sprint 30