Shoreline: Sprint 14 (July 1-14, 2020)

What was the goal of Sprint 14?

The goals of this sprint include:

  • Meet with stakeholders to update them on the progress of Shoreline and to hear their thoughts about new features
  • Speak with other institutions about their ingest workflows
  • Diagram workflows at CU Boulder and Cornell following meetings with them
  • Provide a high-level description of Shoreline

What is the milestone that this sprint is supporting?

To determine how potential feature development should be prioritized during the next work cycle based on input from stakeholders; to gather information about potential ingest methods as we refine our ingest process; to provide a high-level description of Shoreline; and to prepare for a first round of data ingest into each campus’ instance of Geodata.

Accomplishments of Sprint 14:

  • Met with stakeholders at UCSB to provide updates and discuss priorities
  • Met with stakeholders at UCSD to provide updates and discuss priorities
  • Met with Cornell to discuss their ingest process.

Did we do everything we set out to accomplish?

Partly.  Held meetings with stakeholders and other institutions.  Did not complete the documentation work for the meetings.  Did not complete the high-level description of Shoreline.  Due to vacations and a conference, there were fewer work days available during this sprint.

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