Shoreline: Sprint 17 (October 7-20, 2020)

There was no recording made of this session.

What was the goal of Sprint 17?

For Sprint 17, the following goals were set:

  • Get a signal out of GeoServer and Solr to determine status (functioning vs. offline)
  • Fix the GeoServer stability issue
  • Determine metadata principles for Shoreline (handling original metadata; determining metadata of record; determining metadata used for ingest)
  • Develop an enhanced, improved metadata workflow that speeds up editing and quality control
  • Determine metadata file types (ISO or CSV) to be used for ingest
  • Determine the look and feel of UCSB GeoData web pages

What is the milestone that this work cycle is supporting?

This work cycle focuses on stabilizing the GeoServer and improving the metadata workflow process.  Also, it focuses on providing additional documentation for end users of GeoData, including About and Help pages.  We will also be evaluating possible connections with Comet.

Accomplishments of Sprint 17:

During the sprint we accomplished the following:

  • Got signals out of GeoServer and Solr to determine status
  • Identified that GeoServer stability issues are local investigations, though communication will continue within Shoreline
  • Developed an enhanced metadata workflow that speeds up the metadata preparation process
  • Developed principles for metadata handling:
  • Preserve the original metadata
  • Create a new ISO metadata file as the metadata of record
  • Use a CSV to drive ingest, with metadata also coming from the ISO file
  • Created Python code to extract metadata from ArcGIS metadata and populate a CSV with the information
  • Identified other components that need to be included in the CSV (such as institution name)
  • More fully fleshed out the authority spreadsheet that manages controlled vocabulary terms
  • Determined that both a CSV and a new, enhanced ISO metadata file will be used for ingest
  • Identified which elements should be included in a common look and feel
  • UCSB graphics folks are now working on mockups of possible designs

Did we do everything we set out to accomplish?

Yes, except for the following:

  • Although we have identified a more effective metadata workflow, there are still components which need to be fleshed out in order to implement it
  • UCSB is continuing to work on developing a common look and feel for all digital library products

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