Shoreline: Sprint 19 (Nov. 12 - Dec. 1)

This session was not recorded.

What was the goal of Sprint 19?

For Sprint 19, the following goals were set:

  • Finalize an enhanced, improved metadata workflow methodology that speeds up editing and quality control
  • Document the purpose of Shoreline
  • Check how changes to bounding boxes are affected by changes to shapefile full extent
  • Continue work on developing a look and feel for UCSB’s GeoData interface

What is the milestone that this work cycle is supporting?

This work cycle focuses on stabilizing the GeoServer and improving the metadata workflow process.  Also, it focuses on providing additional documentation for end users of GeoData, including About and Help pages.  We will also be evaluating possible connections with Comet.

Accomplishments of Sprint 19:

During the sprint we accomplished the following:

  • Developed an enhanced metadata workflow that speeds up the metadata preparation process
  • Identified what changes need to be made to the CSV and ISO metadata generating scripts
  • Identified what changes need to be made to the ingest script
  • Clarified the role of each metadata element in the ingest process
  • Created a diagram of the metadata preparation and ingest process
  • Started to document the purpose of Shoreline
  • Checked how changes to a shapefile full extent affects its bounding box in the metadata (this verifies that GDAL is not needed at this point to generate accurate bounding boxes)

Did we do everything we set out to accomplish?

Yes, except for the following:

  • Have not completed documenting the purpose of Shoreline
  • Have not received a response from UCSB designers regarding the common look and feel for the GeoData interface

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