Shoreline: Sprint 8 (Feb. 5 - 18, 2020)

What was the goal of Sprint 8?

Sprint 8 was the initial development sprint for Shoreline.  The goals for the sprint included:

  • Deploying Shoreline to UCSB and UCSD staging servers
  • Exploring how objects can be ingested into Shoreline
  • Creating a contact link
  • Discussing how local campus branding can be enabled
  • Discussing how permanent IDs are handled

As this was the first full development sprint for the product, much of the work was exploratory.

What is the milestone that this sprint is supporting?

This sprint is supporting the development of a minimum viable product (MVP), which will be the first public release of Shoreline.  The MVP includes features identified as “must have”, “should have”, and “nice to have”.  To satisfy the release of the MVP, all “must have” features are required to be operational.  

Accomplishments of Sprint 8:

The following goals of Sprint 8 were reached:

  • Shoreline was deployed on a UCSB staging server
  • Shoreline was deployed on a UCSD staging server
  • Initial explorations were made into determining how to ingest objects into Shoreline
  • A contact link was created
  • Initial discussions occurred to determine how local branding can be enabled
  • A meeting was set up to discuss permanent IDs (the meeting falls during the next sprint)

Did we do everything we set out to accomplish?

Yes, for the most part.  The discussion and exploration tickets are ongoing as that work continues.

GitLab link: