Starlight: Sprint 1 (February 11-21, 2019)

Combined Lark & Starlight Sprint Review Recording: February 26, 2019

What was the goal of sprint 1?
Setting up team environment.

What is the milestone that this sprint is supporting?
Milestone 1 is to have an initial instance of the Spotlight platform in production for both campuses.

Accomplishments of Sprint 1:
Collaboration tools - Really more of a Project Surfliner-wide accomplishment. Spent time configuring GitLab to support the teams’ work, including developing contributing guidelines, adding merge request and issue templates, project boards, labels, codeowner files, and testing out the Aha! ← → GitLab workflow (spoiler: it wasn’t great).

Devops - This was a bit of a combination goal with Lark to configure the integrated Continuous Integration to build, test, and deploy code to build and test each change automatically. ALMOST! Mostly! So close. We’re wrapping it up currently and it will be up and running in the next sprint.

Geniza → Starlight migration - The team also spent time porting the UCSB/DCE developed Genzia codebase into the Surfliner monorepo and performing a high-level code review to prepare the codebase for the collaborative environment.

Research - We reached out to both UCSB Enterprise Technology Services for clarification related to Shibboleth support for locally hosted open source products. Good news! UCSB is now able to support Shibboleth for these types of projects, and we are in the process of getting that set up. We also reached out to the Core Spotlight development team to see if they could share a current roadmap. (There isn’t one currently, but more on that soon!)

Did we do everything we set out to accomplish?
Not quite. This was a bit of an unusual sprint, both in that it was the first sprint for the Starlight product team (and for the larger Project Surfliner project team) and also that a majority of the team was traveling during the second week. We weren’t able to get the Starlight code deployed to our local staging servers, but plan to get that accomplished during Sprint 2.

Our goals for Sprint 2 additionally include supporting single sign on with Shibboleth, continuing work on uploading and displaying PDFs as exhibit objects, and improving the test suite.

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