Starlight: Sprint 8 (July 22–August 2, 2019)

Starlight Sprint 8 Review Recording: August 2, 2019

What was the goal of Sprint 8?
To resolve many of the bugs and theming issue reported since the Starlight code was deployed for feedback at both campuses, to continue associated user testing, and to work on outstanding maintenance work.

What is the milestone that this sprint is supporting?
Milestone 2 is a brief workcycle focused on maintenance, bug fixes, and theming fixes. The ultimate goal of this milestone is to ensure that both campus instances are production ready.

Accomplishments of Sprint 8:
Bug fixes, theming issues, and user testing
The team successfully resolved a number of bugs and issues that were identified, including:

  • An issue, reported by UCLA, with database authentication not properly persisting admin accounts
  • An issue with autocomplete box not being able to expand beyond the edit area
  • A UCSB issue with bookmarked item emails (includes upstream Blacklight formatting fix that will be incorporated into Starlight in the future)
  • UCSB was able to successfully export exhibit JSON which cleared user test blocker.
    - However, additional bugs were discovered with the process which required an upstream fix, so testing is ongoing.
  • UCSD was able to successfully ingest batches of objects via URL and local file server.

The team also fixed several theming issues:

  • Added transparency overlay to Carousel widget so that text is readable regardless of image background color.
  • Removed “pending message” in UCSB theme that persisted for admin users.


  • UCSD working to update Sidekiq configuration to bring it into closer alignment with the UCSB configuration.

Upstream Pull Requests

Preparation for the next sprint

  • Began researching what it would take to Replace RIIIF with Canteloupe for IIIF server
  • Started gathering design assets that will be needed to create the Surfliner theme in the next sprint for the to-be-deployed Surfliner-wide documentation site

Did we do everything we set out to accomplish?
Almost. There are several outstanding bug tickets related to upstream issues. Additionally, there are some in progress tickets whose work will need to continue into the next sprint.

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