Starlight Sprints 9 & 10 (August 7 - September 3, 2019)

Starlight Sprints 9 & 10 Review Recording: September 9, 2019

What was the goal of Sprints 9 & 10?
Goals for Sprints 9 & 10 included continued bug and theming work, including the development of a new Surfliner theme and support for getting UCSD’s instance deployed in a production environment. Additionally, these sprints included laying the groundwork for the containerization of the Starlight code and for a revised version of the UCSD theme.

What are the milestones that this sprint is supporting?
Milestone 2 is a brief workcycle focused on maintenance, bug fixes, and theming fixes. The ultimate goal of this milestone is to ensure that both campus instances are production ready.  It also lays the groundwork for Milestone 3, a brief workcycle focused on the containerization of the Starlight code, which will result in the containerized deployment of a Surfliner instance of Starlight (where the documentation site will be hosted).

Accomplishments of Sprints 9 & 10
Surfliner Theme

  • Starlight theme mockup was created
  • The Starlight theme was created based on the mockup, with a few bugs fixed that were discovered after the initial version was created
  • The theme can be seen on the shared documentation site (currently hosted on the UCSB staging server)

UCSD Theme

  • The original version of UCSD’s theme had a number of outstanding issues -- the decision was made to revisit the work that was previously done
  • UCSD theme mockup was created based on the new Decorator V5 version of the UCSD’s web theme
  • This will allow UCSD developers to leverage UCSD specific brand bootstrap files (this was previously done successfully at UCSB)
  • Using the latest campus branding will mean that the Starlight site should not have to be re-themed in the near future.

Theming fixes


  • UCSD updated its Sidekiq deployment process to use the systemd service UCSB was using
  • Added and documented admin user setup for development environment
  • Pinned all container images to fixed versions to avoid unexpected CI failures
  • Added a default CMD entry to the Starlight Dockerfile for Helm/Kubernetes usage

Upstream Pull Requests

Preparation for the next sprint

  • We have a tentative solution in place, along with an upstream pull request that will allow Starlight to push uploads to a S3-compatible datastore, and to use an alternative IIIF Server than RIIIF for display. We are waiting on a final IIIF solution coming from Orange Empire as well as the upstream PR to be merged/rejected before proceeding further.
  • A Helm Epic ticket was created, with a number of associated tickets breaking down the work necessary to deploy a Starlight application in Kubernetes.
  • UCSD is actively working on setting up a production Starlight application and hopes to deploy it as soon as possible.

Did we do everything we set out to accomplish?
Not quite. There are several outstanding tickets that are blocked because of delay in upstream related issues. We had also hoped to have the UCSD instance in production by the end of Sprint 10.

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