Surfliner: Update: August 7-21 Sprint Cycle

Hi Surfliner stakeholders, experts, and interested parties!

Quick update on the restarting of sprints this week:

Orange Empire:

Orange Empire is an IT Operations-focused project to get a IIIF (International Image Interoperability Framework) server stood up, run reliably in multiple environments, and explore how we can leverage that technology within existing products.

Our Orange Empire sprints started this week on Wednesday with pulling together a team from UC San Diego and UC Santa Barbara from their respective IT operations groups, evaluating existing Helm charts, and examining Cantaloupe images on DockerHub. We expect this to be the beginning stages of the IIIF process and a necessary step to put into place before we can figure out how to insert IIIF into other products.


Starlight is the digital exhibits platform based on the Samvera-community’s product, Spotlight but customized for UC use.

Our Starlight sprint has been focused on bug fixes that we discovered during the initial testing phase. We resolved a batch ingest problem that UC San Diego had in order to make the site usable by stakeholders. UC Santa Barbara has done a lot of work to make sure their theming does not interfere with the function of the product. We have decided to use their theme to add to the joint documentation website for Starlight. After discovering that UC San Diego’s theme was causing some issues in the Starlight installation, they are going to crib the UCSB theme and rebrand it with UCSD as a starting off point for their theme. We are also exploring extracting the RIIIF code and replacing it with Cantaloupe for the IIIF server (Orange Empire).


Lark is our code name for the Shared Authority Platform product that UC Santa Barbara and UC San Diego are developing together in the Surfliner project.

Lark sprints have not begun but they are expected to begin research and exploration sprints between the Product Owner and the Subject Matter Experts on the next leg of the project by the end of August.


Shoreline is our exploration of GeoBlacklight as a vehicle for GIS information and data.

Shoreline sprints have not begun but we expect them to begin soon by making the UCSB geospatial code deployable to the UCSD infrastructure and begin Product Owner and Subject Matter Expert testing to culminate in the creation of user stories.

We have gone with a slightly different sprint schedule for these products after Chrissy and I heard a presentation at UCTech which included the benefits of a mid-week sprint. It was great to hear how our colleagues have tested this method and we immediately wanted to try it on our own teams. We shifted our start days from Mondays to Wednesdays. We are hoping this allows our review and retros to be attended by more people and the days before and after to give our team members more of a buffer for local work.

As you can tell our teams are quite busy after our local development hiatus. We are planning a Sprint Review meeting near the end of the week next week. We will send invitations soon. Please come with your questions or comments. We’re looking forward to your participation!


Jessica Hilt