Shoreline: Sprint 12 (April 1-14, 2020)

What was the goal of Sprint 12?

The goals for the sprint included:

  • Deploy both UCSD and UCSB production instances
  • Enable submission of the contact form to campus-specified emails
  • Determine metadata workflows prior to ingesting materials
  • Document the ingest process

What is the milestone that this sprint is supporting?

This sprint is supporting the development of a minimum viable product (MVP), which will be the first public release of Shoreline.  The MVP includes features identified as “must have”, “should have”, and “nice to have”.  To satisfy the release of the MVP, all “must have” features are required to be operational.  

Accomplishments of Sprint 12:

During Sprint 12 we accomplished the following:

  • Deployed both UCSD and UCSB production instances
  • Developed all features identified for the MVP
  • Made progress in determining metadata workflows prior to ingest
  • Created a diagram that shows the ingest process

Did we do everything we set out to accomplish?

We successfully created an MVP!  At least from the coding side of things.  We still need to get data ingested into the production server so users can see the MVP.  However, this is a major milestone in the production of Shoreline, and praise goes to the team for all their hard work during this work cycle.  We decided to remove the submission of a contact form to an email address from MVP status because we were unable to complete the work due to issues beyond our control,.  

The discussion around metadata workflows will continue as we further develop Shoreline.

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